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Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

For parents of babies who don’t sleep well, exhausted is an understatement.

You have a gorgeous little human living with you. Perfect little toes, adorable little nose, and (unfortunately) big time sleeping WOES.

You’re at the point where you don’t know what to do. You’ve held him, rocked him, wore him, fed him, swaddled him, kissed him, shushed him, left him, came back to him, and he’s still awake.

Cue the tears (I’m not talking about the baby).

You’re frustrated. You’re sad. You’re concerned.
And, to top it all off, you’re sleep deprived.

Need a virtual hug? I’m here for you. You know that baby sleep is important. You know that parent sleep is important. And you’re ready to figure out how to make it happen.

Education & Training

FSI Child Sleep Consultant Certification
Deborah Pedrick

Bachelor of Education
University of Manitoba

Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education
University of Manitoba

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome  for Professionals
Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths

ABCs of Safe Sleep
Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths

Sleep Consulting with Families Who Have Children with Special Needs
Debbie Sasson, PsyD

Potty Training and It’s Effect on Sleep
Ashley Hickley

Adult Sleep Challenges
Patty Tucker, PA-C

Postpartum Depression and other Postpartum Mood Disorders
Sarah Stern, Ph.D.

The Family Meeting: How to Have a Positive Influence in Changing Lives
Sharyn Timmerman

Parent Coaching
Sasha Carr, Ph. D

Chiropractic & Infant and Toddler Sleep Disturbances
Glory Eidt

Bedtime Battles: Insights from Pediatric Sleep Research
Thomas Heffron, American Academy of Sleep Medicine

A Case Based Approach to Behavioral Pediatric Sleep Disorders
Reshma Amin, MD, Msc, FRCPC, Hospital For Sick Children

The Incidence, Pathophysiology, and Treatment of GERD During Infancy
Dr. Warren Shapiro

Sleep Safety and Child Care
Cheryl Carey

I’m Joleen Dilk Salyn, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and I’m here to help you and your child make every night a great night.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve always loved children (I used to be a teacher!) but my career as Sleep Consultant began when my daughter wouldn’t sleep.

I remember sitting in the rocking chair at 5 am after hours of rocking, pacing, and humming with my daughter (finally) sleeping on my chest and listening to my husband get ready for work and thinking “I don’t know if I can have another baby, I can’t do this again.”

The sleep deprivation had gotten to me. I knew that sleeping was important for my baby, and I was determined to figure out how to make it happen so we both could survive thrive.

I researched hundreds of methods and eventually found what worked for us. I have to tell you, once we figured out the sleep piece of the new baby puzzle, the quality of life for my whole family improved. Once my daughter was sleeping well, I could sleep well.

Life went from spending hours trapped in her room, trying desperately to get her to sleep with rocking, shushing, bouncing, feeding, holding (rinse, wash and repeat every few hours all night long), to placing a happy, awake and content child down and leaving knowing she was able to fall asleep peacefully a few minutes later.

I was able to stop worrying about her getting enough rest for quality cognitive, emotional and physical development, plus have some much needed alone time, and even spend a bit of quality 1:1 time with my husband each day.


Once we got into a solid sleep routine, I became passionate about helping other families do the same.

I received my certification from the Family Sleep Institute and started teaching families techniques to help their children sleep through the night and take restorative naps. Rather than focusing on just one method, I use a combination of methods, with a strong focus on the science of sleep, and customize my recommendations to each family’s needs.

While lots of things work for multiple families, the truth is, every child is different.

My parents rest easy, knowing that I have years of experience and training behind me. I stay up to date with developments in pediatric sleep research, Canadian SIDS recommendations, and regularly attend conferences and trainings.

I am also a member and Western Canadian Representative for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants; a nonprofit educational organization that establishes a high standard of professionalism and educational training for its members.

Helping you and your child get the rest you need so you can enjoy your precious time together instead of stressing about (lack of) sleep, is my mission.

Ready to get some rest?

See how we can work together.

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