Mini-Consult and Returning Client Packages

Mini Consults

Sleep Consultation Package

Have a few questions that you would like to discuss? Did your great sleeper recently hit a few sleep bumps and you need some quick expert help? This option is for you!

These “mini-consults” are suitable for parents who may:

  • Have a few specific questions about sleep

  • Want quick advice from a sleep expert that they can implement immediately
  • Have a child between 3 months-5 years
  • Don’t need or want a full sleep plan at this time
  • Are wanting to make changes on their own
  • Have children approaching a nap transition, have been sick or returned from vacation and need to reestablish a schedule.

Please note: there is no sleep plan or follow up support time with these options. Feel free to take notes though!

  • 30 Minute Call -$79 (Suitable for 2-3 questions)

  • 60 Minute Call- $129 (Suitable for 4-5 questions)
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Returning Client

Sleep Consultation Package

For former clients of Baby Sleep 101 only, to help tweak routines as the child grows or to address any new bumps in the road.

*This is only for children who already have a consultation on file with Baby Sleep 101.*

Once your order is placed and payment is received, you will be contacted within 24 hours business hours through email to book your consultation time.

  • Day of Emails- $50 Up to a maximum of 4 exchanges
  • 30 Minute Call-$50 Suitable for 2-3 questions
  • 60 Minute Call- $100 Suitable for 4-5 questions
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