Questions about Sleep Regressions, Cry it Out & More

I’m ready to get some sleep! How does this work?2021-07-09T20:47:37+00:00

Choose the package that suits your level of need. Upon payment, you will receive a detailed client questionnaire that provides you the opportunity to explain your child’s daily routine and sleep issues. Once you send the completed form back, we analyze it and may ask further follow up questions. You will then receive your customized sleep plan and are given the chance to review it and ask any clarifying questions. The day you begin the plan is the day that your support begins.

What do you need from me?2021-07-09T20:47:37+00:00

In short-commitment. If you are about to have major house renovations done, lots of company or about to go on vacation, then it’s best to wait until life has returned to normal. Changing sleep habits is hard work for both you and your child and requires consistency, stability and routine. You need to be able to commit to follow a plan for a significant amount of time, in order to see progress.

Are there ways to sleep train other than ‘Cry it Out’?2021-07-09T20:47:37+00:00

Yes! There are many different ways to sleep train a child. That’s the short answer.

The long answer is still “yes”, but with more explanation.

CIO is a term that means different things to different people. Whether you are referring to “Ferberizing” or “extinction”, both methods involve leaving the child’s room, at least for a few minutes.

If you are looking for something a bit more gentler, or to stay in the room with the child, then we have several options. However, please note, that none of them can guarantee no crying at all.When we begin to change the way a child has fallen asleep for several months, the usually show some protest. Since a baby can not speak, they cry when they don’t like something. Factors such as the age, personality and temperament of your child will effect the amount of crying, even if you are in the room with them.

Why should I pick you?2021-07-09T20:47:37+00:00

Baby Sleep 101 is certified from the Family Sleep Institute. This means we have over 70 hours of training specializing in all aspects of child sleep issues. In addition to our own experiences, research and studies, we also continually update our skills and knowledge by participating in ongoing training through the Institute. Baby Sleep 101 is independently owned, and therefore is not required to follow or promote a certain method or book. We listen to parents and their needs and create a customized plan that suits each family’s unique dynamics.

Why do I need a sleep consultant?2021-07-09T20:47:38+00:00

If you are having a hard time getting your child to sleep through the night or to take restorative naps, then chances are, you are tired! And when you’re tired it’s hard to figure out a plan and to stick to it. A sleep consultant is an experienced, objective, yet compassionate person whom you can turn to, to answer questions and seek advice. They help you see the big picture, figure out a solution that works for you and support you through the process.

What is your philosophy?2021-07-09T20:47:38+00:00

We believe in helping our families in the way that suits them the best. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Yes, there are common elements to many baby and child sleep issues, but all solutions are as unique as the families we help. We believe in being realistic and honest-sleep training takes time, hard work and doesn’t happen overnight. But we listen to you and formulate a plan according to your personal parenting style so that you are confident and therefore successful.

Which consultation should I get?2021-07-09T20:47:38+00:00
This will depend on a few factors such as the age of your child, prior sleep skills and how much daily support you would like.
  • Prenatal/New Parent: Best suited for babies under 10 weeks of age.
  • Standard: Suitable for children 6 months or older who were recently great sleepers at some point after the 4 month mark. This is a great package to help parents get their kids back on track after a trip, illness or nap transition.
  • Comprehensive: Suitable for children 4 months to 5 years of age.
  • Deluxe: The preferred consultation for parents wanting long term daily support and advice. This consultation is suitable for all situations: establishing nap routines, transitioning from co-sleeping to crib, preschoolers who have never slept well and/or for parents interested in using a more gradual (sometimes referred to as gentle) method.
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