We help families sleep better.

Sleep Consultations

Whether your child is having trouble sleeping through the night, taking restorative naps or everything in between, we offer sleep consultations and in-depth sleep plans designed for your unique situation and parenting philosophy.

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Trained, Experienced & Accredited

We use our experience and extensive training in pediatric sleep issues to educate and empower you with comprehensive and effective sleep training plans and follow up support to help your family get the sleep it deserves.

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Compassionate Guidance

We understand what it’s like to be sleep deprived, exhausted and unsure of where to turn for help. At Baby Sleep 101, we offer empathetic, compassionate and advice and support as we get your child on the road to better sleep.

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Consultation Packages


Prenatal or New Parent Sleep Package

For new or expecting parents who would like to lay the foundation for great sleep habits right from the start, this sleep package is perfect for you. We teach you all the tools you need to help your baby become a great sleeper.

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Standard Sleep

This consultation is suitable for parents who recently had a great sleeper, but now need a little help to get their child back on track. This short but intensive sleep package provides you with the tools you need to get there.

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Comprehensive Sleep

This sleep package is designed for parents who need a more in-depth look into their child’s sleep issues. If you need guided, compassionate support along the way, this personalized consultation is for you.

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Deluxe Sleep

When you have tried everything and are completely exhausted, the Deluxe Sleep Package will provide you with a thorough and extended consult, sleep plan, and support to get your child’s sleep issues under control.

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